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Self-knowledge – Entrepreneurship – Energy management

Harol Páramo

Free your mind from erroneous thought patterns, emotional chaos and bad habits, to conserve all that energy and focus it on overcoming your most immediate challenges.

Achieving goals, being happy, having inner peace, only with good intentions and willpower is too difficult. The saturation of information and stimuli makes it almost impossible. It is mandatory to achieve mastery of thoughts, emotions and habits, to be able to take that energy and refocus it towards our goals.

It sounds difficult, but it is not, it is all part of self-knowledge, if you understand how your thoughts work, then you will know how to master your emotions and habits. No one can master something they don’t dedicate time to.

No one can build a healthy relationship if they are emotionally broken. No one can achieve a project if it is dispersed in the midst of contradictions and pending issues. Only by freeing yourself from your emotional conflicts and bad habits will you be able to bring any project to success in the shortest time possible.

Nobody is going to solve your life, and life is not solved out of nothing, everything comes from your efforts, and this only happens when you have enough personal energy to change your life. There can be no energy if all of it goes in confusion, in sadness and anger.

Unhappiness is when situations overcome you. Happiness happens when your personal energy and confidence overcome your immediate challenges.


25 years dedicated to the study of human behavior. Years in which I have studied and practiced many of the ancient teachings of the East, Middle East and West. Founder of «Neuromarketing y tecnología», digital advertising agency since 2014. Author of the book: «30 claves para superar cualquier vicio o adicción» Top sales Amazon. 

I share with you my knowledge that addresses your conflicts from the point of view of energies, the brain, and project management.

Just as to develop the body you must go to a gym, likewise to master the mind you must set aside a space to do some practices. Meditation is a way to escape from thinking, what I teach is to go after thoughts.  The psychopath seeks to suppress emotions, I teach you how to awaken high vibration emotions.

In my training you will find a space to be aware of your wrong thinking patterns, manage emotions, and focus your thinking towards the development of potentials and achievement of goals. Learn to create realistic goals, the worst mistake is to invest your efforts in trying to achieve something that does not serve you and does not fulfill you.

For those who want to escape the world of reading without application, and take action, then participate in my workshops.

Circumstances obey the focus of your attention, and very little to talent. Instead of training the body, instead of working hard, train your mind.

Page under construction. At the moment the page and services are for the Hispanic community, soon for English speakers.